Jerky Johnny- A Fun New Safety Girl Game for Ages 12 & Up, Educational Role-Playing for Teens, Middle/High School Prep Game

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Jerky Johnny® is a proven educational tool endorsed by Counselors, Doctors, Police, Teachers & Moms nationwide. Designed by a Professional Self-Defense Instructor, Jerky Johnny teaches girls practical life-skills for handling Mean Girls & Bullies and to build healthy relationships (to avoid dating violence and sexual assault) in a fun game setting. The critical age for girls to learn these skills is during or before the transition into middle school. Dr. Gary Yorke, President of Play Therapy Toys says: “Jerky Johnny is an excellent resource that will contribute to the education of girls to prevent dating violence.” Chief of Police Mike McQuiston, Albany CA says: “As a father of three daughters, I really appreciate the important work Jerky Johnny does for young women.” MFT Child & Family Therapist, Jan Dombrower says: “Jerky Johnny is really awesome, unique, and very necessary for girls in that age group.” Girls who play Jerky Johnny say its “FUN!” and provides them with realistic advice for middle school and beyond. Jerky Johnny may be played together among girls or between a parent and daughter to start a dialogue. Appropriate for ages 12 & up (younger with parental discretion); some cards are designed for teens and provide mature relationship scenarios. See how the game is played here:

Product Features

  • A Game That Can Save Her Life!
  • Educational Tool to Help Avoid Mean Girls/Bullies, Early Dating & Sexual Assault
  • 100+ Real Life Scenarios!
  • Develops Assertiveness Skills
  • Enhances Parent/Daughter Bond & Gives You Piece of Mind She Will Be Safe

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    By Amazon Customer on November 28, 2017

    Excellent product for therapeutic work or work with teen girls

    By Pamela Tarr on November 28, 2017

    Important tool in raising healthy, informed girls I’m so glad that this game exists. Girls can be easily taken advantage of, and parents need a constructive way to help keep their kids safe. This is the only game that I know of that addresses female intimidation head on. Game players are walked through a series of challenges where they have the opportunity to take part in role playing exercises that enforce to them appropriate responses to real life situations. Jerky Johnny makes it fun, which is crucial in order to keep kids engaged. For…

    By Amazon Customer on November 28, 2017

    Great game – not just for girls! We received this as a gift and loved it. it’s a great way to initiate conversations about these topics and also a surprisingly good family activity. We played with ages 12 to 66 and we all learned something, not only about teen aggression but also our own training and response to these situations. The 12 year old loved it and wished she’d had it last year, when she was dealing with a seriously bullying problem at her school. It also started some very interesting conversations about the…

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