Good Luck Charm for Educational Success – Japanese Shinto Omamori – Blue

* For Delivery Time: Expect 1-2 Business Days for Handing and 3-4 Business Days for USPS First Class Mail* After graduate school, I spent months exploring Japan and China. While visiting numerous temples in Kyoto, I stumbled upon Omamori. These were a variety of amulets and good-luck charms, with each style offering luck or fortune related to fighting an illness, finding love, safety in pregnancy, success in starting a business, acing an exam or competition, and more. I bought a number of these myself as fairly inexpensive – but thoughtful – tokens to give friends and loved ones who were facing certain situations: To my brother for a happy marriage during my best-man speech, his wife and my sister-in-law for a healthy pregnancy, and to a close friend starting a small business. Each time, the specificity of the gift seemed to be received in a very heartwarming way. I wanted to share this experience and hope you will enjoy giving Omamori to your friends and loved ones, or for your own enjoyment. The omamori sold on this page is dedicated as good luck specifically in education, such as on an exam or for a grade in a class. It can make for a very thoughtful – while inexpensive – gift to show you care and are thinking of that someone special. Please review my account page for a wide variety of other omamori for sale!

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