Construction Marble Race Run Maze Balls Track Building Blocks Children Gift Baby Kid’s Toy Educational.(105Pcs.)

This marble race toy is a blast! The 105pcs DIY trace building blocks are a good educational toy for your family. The marble race track is a great item to teach young kids about momentum and properties of gravity through the marble running in the track. You can put them together as you like, so you can let your kids build the blocks differently each time with their imagination. This is a great game for your family.

Product Features

  • 105pcs deluxe marble race game is suitable for kids older than 3-year-old.
  • Set of blocks for kids can improve their hands-on ability, creativity, exploring capability, hand to eye coordination, color discrimination, and sparkle their imagination.
  • Colorful and beautiful appearance can stimulate the brain and thought of kids.
  • Plastic building pieces are of high quality, durable and easy to build.
  • Create your own maze model by using your imagination, and watch the marbles race through the track.

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