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If you too are trying to get the kids to spend more time on the outdoors, we have something that will definitely convince them to have fun, go out and explore the sites: the premium adventure kit for kids!  A complete kit that will let the little ones get to know the outdoors in a safe and educational way.

Why should you purchase this item?

Because it’s an entertaining and teaching set that all kids will love. Containing everything from binoculars to a compass, a bug catching and observing kit and even stickers, this unique exploring backpack is going to offer fun adventures for the little ones.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • The kid’s adventure set contains 10 unique essential pieces that will make any exploring mission fun
  • The kids can learn how to use a compass and binoculars, as well as observing different types of bugs
  • The set comes in a premium backpack that is suitable for all children
  • In the kit there are included safety items: the whistle and lantern
  • The binoculars have an adjustable focus and 4x30mm magnification
  • The compass has a wire site and thumb loop that makes it easier for the kids to learn how to use it

The kit includes:

  • The yellow backpack
  • A pair of binoculars
  • The compass
  • A LED flesh light
  • A magnifying glass
  • The bug catcher
  • A bug container
  • A whistle
  • A toy spider
  • A set of bug stickers

ADD TO CART NOW and let your kids discover the wonders of the outdoors with the premium adventure backpack!

MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE – Our Kids adventure kit is backed by our manufacturer 30 days money back guarantee.

Product Features

  • 📌PERFECT FOR YOUR KIDS: If you think it’s time for your kids to have a taste of the wildings and discover their adventurous side, we have the solution. We wanted to spare you the time to choose individual essential items for the kid’s outdoors adventure, so we have put together a complete kit that includes 10 items that all children will enjoy to try out outside. The set is a great present for all curious children.
  • 📌HIGHLY EDUCATIONAL: Although made for kids, the items in the exploring pack are performant. The compass will teach the kids about orientation, while the binoculars will help them observe better the beautiful details nature has to offer. the set of 10 exploring items for children is fun and educational for the little ones.
  • 📌LEARNING ABOUT BUGS: We have included a few items in the adventure kit that will help kids discover the world of insects: a bug catcher, a container, a magnifying glass and a toy spider that will act as a trap for the flies!
  • 📌EASY TO USE: Being made for children, all the items in the outdoors set are easy to use, yet performant. The binoculars have a soft eyepiece and 4x30mm magnification. Also, the LED flashlights are just squeezed the handle to charge, so NO annoying batteries or charging cords required.
  • 📌MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE – Our Kids adventure kit is backed by our manufacturer 30 days money back guarantee.

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