BooKid Educational Puzzles for Toddlers – Which Group Do I Belong to? Hive Puzzle, 3 Piece Matching Puzzle, Includes Eight 3 Piece Puzzles

Expose your toddler or preschooler to categorizing with this hivel puzzle for toddlers to help them develop skills that will prepare him or her for kindergarten.

  • BooKid puzzles are perfect for developing the skills that your child needs to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and categorizing at an early age.
  • BooKid puzzles make the ideal present or birthday gift for your child or grandchild. This grouping puzzle for kids contains eight 3 piece matching puzzles and is designed to make learning fun for both toddler boys and toddler girls.
  • This colorful and fun matching puzzle set provides children with excellent tools that will help develop and expose your toddler to a broad range of learning skills at an early age.
  • Bookid hive puzzles for toddlers are built to last and have a colorful design that provides endless hours of joy.
  • BooKid puzzles are safe and durable because they are made with the highest quality non-toxic material. These puzzles are tested and meet all American and European guidelines for safety so they are safe for your toddlers.
  • Get your kids the BooKid Which Group Do I Belong to? Hive Puzzle and watch as they have fun while categorizing and developing fine motor skills that will provide immense value to them in the future.

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