Arkansas State Educational Million Dollar Bill W Map, Seal, Flag, Capitol- Lot of 25 Bills

These are GREAT looking bills that have Full Color on front and Back !!! Same size as real USA money. This is a Novelty bill for collectable purposes only… Great conversation starter, gift or Look great framed!! Features of this bill include: A map of Arkansas is in the middle on front with a Star and Stripes background Underneath the map is the date Arkansas became a state – June 15th,1836 Along the top is “Arkansas Million Dollar Note” Along the bottom is the state slogan: Land of Opportunity The front also features the State Seal and the State Flag Serial number “ARKANSAS1836” “This note pays tribute to the 25th State of the United States of America ” Signed by “The Natural State” – State Nickname and Little Rock, Arkansas – the State Capitol The back has a picture of the State Capitol Building in Little Rock Also pictured is the State Tree – Loblolly, the State Flower – Apple Blossom and the State Bird – Mockingbird The state motto is also written on the back: “Regnat populus (The people rule)” Written across the bottom on back is” Arkansas State Million” Full color on front and BACK

Product Features

  • Lot of 25 bills
  • Same size as US currency
  • Made on high quality printing press
  • Full color front and back
  • Great conversation starter, gift, teaching tool or looks great framed

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