A Piece of Vesta! Fragment of One of the Largest Asteroids in our Solar System

A limited edition Aerolite exclusive, fragment from Asteroid Vesta! Vesta is one of the largest recorded asteroids in the Asteroid Belt. Occasionally, there are asteroidal collisions which result in fragments being thrown out in all directions, sometimes crossing paths with our planet Earth. Howardites are regolith breccias, consisting largely of fragments of diogenites and eucrites and are believed to have formed when impact ejecta from Vesta’s surface was further altered and buried by later impacts. In other words, howardites are an amalgam of meteorite fragments from the surface of one of the largest known asteroids — a fact evidenced by the abundant and varied clasts they contain. They are named in honor of Edward Charles Howard (1774 – 1816), a British chemist who was also a pioneer in meteorite studies. This specimen is 100% guaranteed! See our Moon Rock, Mars Rock and Fragment of Vesta Collectible Set in our Shop! Your actual fragment will be similar to the one in the photograph, but not exactly the same. Boxes measures 73 mm x 60 mm x 18 mm (with a viewing face of 51 mm x 40 mm) You are buying a box in black or white. Please indicate which color you prefer in “Note to Seller,” otherwise a color will be chosen for you. One centimeter scale cube for size reference.

Product Features

  • Genuine Fragment of the Astroid Vesta in Glass Front Display Box
  • NWA 11081 Asteroid Vesta
  • Fantastic meteorite fragment display piece and conversation starter
  • Great gift for science fiction and space enthusiasts, and is an Aerolite Meteorites exclusive
  • Presented by Geoff Notkin, television host and science writer

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