306 IT – 410 AD First Christian Empire ROMAN BRONZE COIN Genuine Ancient Antique from 306-410 AD – Genuine Roman Bronze Coin – Historical Souvenir with Certificate of Authenticity Bronze Good

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The First Christian Empire ANCIENT ROMAN COIN from 306-410 AD.
Genuine Roman Bronze Coin – Historical Souvenir with Certificate of Authenticity.

YOU GET ONE COIN in condition similar to the examples shown in the photos.

Comes in mini folder with story card and COA.
A “must have” affordable coin for any collection.


This genuine antiquity is an authentic Imperial Roman bronze coin struck between AD 306 and 410.
Coins like this circulated throughout the vast empire, which comprised most of Europe, northern Africa, and Asia Minor, and beyond.
Coins were hand-struck by inserting a metal blank between two dies and hammering the upper die; because of the crude system of manufacture, coins tend to be imperfectly shaped.
The size, weight, and denomination of the coins varied frequently over time. Rome is the birthplace of Christianity.
The Christian religion began in Rome’s eastern provinces.
This coin was minted during the fourth or fifth century, when Rome was the world’s first Christian empire.

Please note that that we have more than one of these available.
We have included photos of many different pieces to give you an idea of the coin you will receive.
All of these coins were minted over 1600 years ago and therefore each one is unique and different.
They are about the size of a US dime, some a little bigger and some are smaller.
If you are not pleased with the coin you receive, you many send it back for an exchange, no questions asked.

Thank you!

Product Features

  • Comes in mini folder with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Authentic Ancient Roman Coin from 306-410 AD
  • Great gift & educational item!

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