240 IT ONE Authentic Ancient ROMAN EMPIRE BRONZE COIN – Genuine Antique from 240-410 AD Bronze Good > Fine


in condition similar to the examples shown in the photos.

A “must have” affordable coin for any collection.


This coin is a genuine Imperial Roman bronze coin minted in the third or fourth century A.D.,
during the decline of the Empire.
It is a genuine antiquity.
Historians know only very little about the coinage of this period due to the chaos of the era.
The size, weight and the names of the coins changed frequently over time.
There were at least 15 different Imperial coin denominations.
This is an authentic Roman coin minted between 240 and 410 A.D.

Roman coins circulated throughout the Empire, which stretched from Britain to Persia.
They were minted for everyday transactions and often circulated for long periods of time.
Coins were hand made by inserting a metal blank between two dies and striking the upper die with a heavy hammer.
This crude striking often resulted in coins being imperfectly shaped.
They show on one side the bust of the emperor, most reverses show the inscription of the titles, vows, or images with mythological or military themes.

Product Features

  • You Get ONE Coin in similar condition to coins shown in images.
  • Authentic Ancient Roman Coin
  • Over 1500 Years Old!
  • Perfect gift / Educational Item
  • Affordable introduction to ancient coins.

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