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We live in the information age. We have grown so accustomed to information at the speed of light that the prospect of not having immediate access to countless numbers of facts and figures with the mere click of a few buttons for many of us is simply disconcerting. For this reason, it only makes sense that there are many people across the nation and around the world that are embracing the idea of online learning and educational opportunities with every ounce of enthusiasm they can muster. Whether you are a first time college student or a professional that is returning to school after a long absence, online learning can open new doors of opportunity for your learning pleasure. But you must be willing to walk through those doors and take the information that is presented to you in order to be successful.

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Excited to Learn: Motivation and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Transforming student’s motivation as the major driver in the classroom! Excited to Learn is grounded in Ginsberg and Wlodkowski′s Motivational Framework for Culturally-Responsive Teaching and includes over 50 teaching strategies for a broad range of grade levels and subject areas. These field-tested and research-validated tools provide a blend of theory and practice educators. The book identifies […]

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Lingduan Artificial Lifelike PVC Flower Bowl Noodles Cellphone Bag Strap Pendant Key Chain Boys Girls Toy Gift Simulation of Chinese food (4)

We GUARANTEE your toddler will stay busy while pretending to shop for groceries, play kitchen, and creating delicious pretend meals for the family to munch, or your money back! (Don’t actually munch it or you might break a tooth). Preschools and doctors offices love these miniature plastic food toys. They also make great gifts for […]

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Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice (12th Edition)

The intellectual grounding and practical strategies tomorrow’s teachers need to be effective instructors.   Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice  offers complete, up-to-date information that is presented in readable, practical ways and illustrated with engaging examples and case studies. Embedded videos and interactive activities in the Enhanced Pearson eText in MyLab Education further illustrate key concepts and […]

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Arkansas State Educational Million Dollar Bill W Map, Seal, Flag, Capitol- Lot of 25 Bills

These are GREAT looking bills that have Full Color on front and Back !!! Same size as real USA money. This is a Novelty bill for collectable purposes only… Great conversation starter, gift or Look great framed!! Features of this bill include: A map of Arkansas is in the middle on front with a Star […]

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Theefun 789-Projects Smart Educational Electronics Discovery Kit, Great Diy Building Blocks Electric Circuits for Children

In an increasingly digital world, toys that are both fun AND educational are hard to come by. More and more, kids are falling victim to the screen. Set your little one apart! Give them a toy that will develop and stimulate (instead of rot) their brain. The efun electric building blocks will hone their critical […]

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Creativity Crisis: Toward a Post-Constructivist Educational Future

In Creativity Crisis, Robert Nelson argues that university education is systematically uncreative and suggests how this might be changed. Constructive alignment, the centrepiece of today’s university pedagogy, promotes mechanistic thinking and the anxious gathering of manipulative skills. Learning happens more effectively when students take their study in new directions derived from their intimate, imagined relations […]

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TommoT 3D Jigsaw Puzzle,Educational Toys for Children,Building Toy,Airplane Model Kits with 190 Pcs Parts

Challenge your child’s imagination with TommoT toys and kits.Who would be the appropriate player? 1:Kids, whose brains are developing at a high rate. 2:Couples, families, who can enjoy better intimacy after playing. 3:Nervous workers, who can relax while playing and be happy. Description Can be used as art decoration furnishings, gifts can also be used […]

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Educational institutions need to adopt open learning to encourage innovation, says Neeraj Atahlye

Education institutions need to adopt open-learning practices to stay relevant amid the fast-changing technology, Neeraj Atahlye, V-P (Innovation and Digital Business) for Indian Subcontinent for SAP said here on Thursday. He also urged academia to adopt open learning methods to encourage students towards innovation. Delivering a lecture on Enabling Positive Use Of Artificial Intelligence For […]

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Compassionate Music Teaching: A Framework for Motivation and Engagement in the 21st Century

Compassionate Music Teaching provides a framework for music teaching in the 21st century by outlining qualities, skills, and approaches to meet the needs of a unique and increasingly diverse generation of students. The text focuses on how six qualities of compassion (trust, empathy, patience, inclusion, community, and authentic connection) have made an impact in human […]

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Pangda 16 Inch Inflatable Globe Inflatable World Globe Beach Ball Globe for Educational Beach Playing, Colorful (2)

16 Inch inflatable globe inflatable world globe beach ball globe for educational beach playing, colorful Inflatable world globe: This 16 inch inflatable globe vividly displays the continents, countries, capitals and major cities as well as the oceans of the globe; Continents and ocean show as black capital bold fonts and countries is red capital bold […]

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New Limited Zuru Robo Alive Little Fish Collection – Water Activated BLUE TANG FISH – Dives to 6ft! Perfect Stocking Stuffer! Blue Tang Fish swims like a Real Fish! Perfect Bath Time Toy

New Limited Zuru Robo Alive Little Fish Collection – Water Activated BLUE TANG FISH – Dives to 6ft! Perfect Stocking Stuffer! Blue Tang Fish swims like a Real Fish! Perfect Bath Time Toy & Stocking Stuffer. Educational Toy for Marines Life. Blue Tang Fish is just like a real fish! Product Features Zuru Robo Alive […]

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Real Exotic Poisonous Scorpion – Preserved Taxidermy Insect Bug Collection Framed in a Wooden Box as Pictured

This is a real authentic preserved specimen mounted on a wooden frame, enclosed with glass. It compasses a hook on the back for easy hanging. It will look fabulous on the wall or on a book shelf. Our butterfly and insect collections make unique, educational and interesting gifts! **** All of our specimens are from […]

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Attorney Charles Shafer believes in mission of BlueBird Educational Foundation

DLF Media, For Luminaries Published 7:28 p.m. ET May 15, 2018 T. Charles Shafer has been a board member of BlueBird Educational Foundation since 2012.(Photo: Provided by Charles Shafer/For Luminaries) BlueBird Educational Foundation, a local nonprofit in Fort Pierce, supports students through scholarships and provides musical instruments to students in need. The organization was founded in […]

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Activity Cube Toys Baby Educational Wooden Bead Maze For 1 year old Toddlers

Taking care of children’s education needs is a top priority for many parents. Offer them this multifunctional mini activity center to encourage learning and exploration in young children, they’ll have so much fun and won’t even realize they’re learning! We crafted this cube to aid the development of cognitive and fine motor skills, color and […]

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